PDAs and Smartphones Make Our Lives Easier

It really isn’t surprising that cell phones are constantly being upgraded and are continually creating buzz among users.
As tiny as they are, they are changing the way we live our lives. It’s actually now easier to run our personal and professional lives because of them. The most notable cell phone manufacturers are constantly enhancing already feature-rich cell phones and trapping them all in great designs.

The most recent upgrade to cell phones is the birth of cell phones with Wi-Fi capabilities. Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity allows you to access the Internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is best appreciated when you are at Starbucks sipping your coffee with one hand and working on your laptop with the other. From Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and other cell phone manufactures you can buy the latest Wi-Fi enabled phones.

Majority of Wi-Fi enabled phones are also PDA phones, or phones that are also Personal Digital Assistants. PDA phones are a must-have for the upwardly mobile professional. The long and short of what they do is enable users to organize their lives, aside from, of course, connecting them to the people who matter most. With a PDA phone, you can normally talk for as long 250 minutes or over three hours straight.

Aside from the long talk time and Wi-Fi capability, a PDA phone would typically also have these features:

* Organizer

From personal reminder features to calendars, PDA phones act like your personal organizer. Back in the days when PDA phones were not yet available, you need to have a pen and ink organizer to keep track of appointments. Now to get organized, you only need to take out your phone and write with your stylus pen.

* Email Connectivity

PDA phones, specifically the Blackberry variety, first became popular because they enabled users to access company email even when they are out of the office and away from their boss. This capability was called “push” email technology. PDA phones with push email capability are now more popular than ever, not just among executives but also among employees doing field work.

* Instant Messaging

PDA phones allow you to connect to people who matter (yes, including your boss), through Instant Messaging (IM) clients like Yahoo Messenger. IM clients automatically connect to your phone after you’ve logged out of your computer. Notice how your friend changes his status to “I’m Mobile.”

* 3G Video Calls

Smart phones with 3G capability allows you to video conference with colleagues. This is very important for companies with professionals who travel all over the world.

* Blue-Tooth

While it was once derided as the perfect solution to a non-existent problem, Bluetooth is now an indispensable tool for transferring any type of file from a cell phone to a computer. Bluetooth also allows users to talk hands-free by using only a bluetooth headset.

* MS Office Applications

Any model of smart phones allows users to do some work on the side with MS word typing or Excel data processing.

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